Evil woman thesis

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Evil woman thesis

Well, the devil, he's a woman with coal-black hair-- except in comic books. I like women in comic books, both as villains and heroes. Once upon a time, there were very few of either type, and they were sometimes painfully derivative e.

So part of me likes that there are now so many female costumed adventures, good and bad. Yet another part of me hates it. It's been my observation that, on the whole, women are not nearly as likely to be idiotic as men.

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I mean, how many women appeared on Jackassor imitated things they saw on Jackass? While I understand women's desire for parity with men in positive areas like rate of pay, I pale when it myopically expands into a desire for parity with men in negative areas as well.

It makes me sad to think that in order to become men's socioeconomic equals, women would have to stoop to men's level of jackassery. I will believe a man can fly. It is substantially more difficult for me to believe that women are as likely as men to put on a costume and fight crime.

That's the kind of self-aggrandizing theatrics driven by a savior complex that I associate with the typical flaws of men, not of women. Yes, I like Kate "Manhunter" Spencer, but throwing on a costume, grabbing some random high tech weapons, and dashing to a sewer to confront Copperhead on the spur of the moment is the exactly kind of jackassery that's even harder to credit in women than in men.

It's even more of a strain to unflinchingly accept woman villains. Men are more violent than women. Men are more likely to become criminals.

Evil woman thesis

Although the number of female prison inmates has grown dramaticallythat's due to drug convictions a crime of weakness to which all people are equally prey rather than violent offenses crimes of aggression to which men are more prone. One may not like stereotyping as a matter of principle, but stereotyping is seldom baseless: Setting aside for a minute men's hormonal tendencies toward aggression, men are stupid.

Or perhaps more accurately, men are more likely to be narrow-minded or short-sighted.


The reason that most people are good citizens instead of criminals isn't because most people are good; it's because because it's easier. That's part of the whole point of society.

In the long run, being good and cooperative with society is safer, easier, and more profitable than being a criminal. Ever watch those reality teevee cop shows, where some moron tries to rob a gas station or lead cops on a chase, or run away naked from a domestic dispute?

Do they really think they're going to get away and what will they do next when they do? Not past the moment, anyway. Now, who's more likely to do that, a woman or a man? Yet, because the costume crowd are the stars of our comic books it feels manifestly "unfair" when more capes belong to men than women, regardless of how much more realistic that would be.

And so we all find ourselves clamoring for more female nutjobs in spandex, including villains. In what other context would people consider it acceptable to say the equivalent of: Except in, you know, professional sports. Die at the hands of Dr.

Virus -- and Kryptococcus, the Omni-Germ!

Evil woman thesis

Most women couldn't say stuff like that without laughing; men say stuff like that to themselves while shaving. There's an unfortunate side-effect of all this.Additional services and information for Feminist Criminology can be found at: evil woman thesis that may possess the best opportunity of explaining differences in sentencing based on specific behaviors.

As the current research addresses specifically. Apr 02,  · The evil woman hypothesis holds that women often receive harsher treatment than men in the criminal justice system and suggests that this different treatment results from the notion that criminal women have violated not only legal boundaries but .

evil woman thesis that may possess the best opportunity of explaining differences in sentencing based on specific behaviors. As the current research addresses specifically. Explain the meaning off the Evil Woman Thesis and its implications for managers.

- Answered by a verified Tutor We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The feminist school of criminology is a school of criminology developed in the late s and into the s as a reaction to the general disregard and discrimination of women in the traditional study of crime.

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