Factors affecting grades of freshmen students

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Factors affecting grades of freshmen students

AguiranRenhard B. LazoMary Jane C. Using a validated questionnaire with 53 BSIT students, it tried to explore possible causal relationships among the known variables that happened in the past through Ex-post Facto analysis.

Introduction Research has been mystified as difficult over the years as students hold negative stereotypes towards the subject. Aptly, learning happens in a collegial and innovative classroom environment. As such, grade assignment is a primary indicator of such learning: On the other hand, experiences and studies found out that there are also several factors that would account for the grades.

However, no single factor is singled out in predicting grades. In fact, almost all of existing environmental and personal factors are considered variables of academic performance.

Classroom situations must offer high level of analytical skills, the capacity for critical reasoning, self-reflection and conceptual grasp, and the ability to learn autonomously and exercise flexibility of mind in a diverse learning situation [5] [6].

Specifically, it aimed to present the: Family causal factors include the parents, siblings, socioeconomic state, and home environment. On the other hand, personal causal factors include student motivation, attitude and efficacy.

It was found out that these 3 causal factors were highly related to the academic performance of the respondents [7]. Mlambo, in his analysis on some factors affecting student academic performance in introductory biochemistry at University of the West Indies, sought to define relationships between select student fac- tors like demographic information, learning style, admission criteria and high school achievements, and academic performance.

Find- ings showed that none of these variables was correlated with the academic performance of the students.

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On the other hand, a disparity on the academic performance of the students was discerned when grouped according to the me- dium of schooling, tuition trend, and daily study hours [9].

The study put forward the tenets of Theory of Educational Productivity in its as- sumptions [2]. The theory posited 3 groups of 9 factors based on affective, cognitive and behavioral skills for optimization of learning that affect the quality of academic performance: It presents the interrelationship of observation and modeling of behaviors, attitudes, and emotional reactions of others in the learning process of an individual learner.

The theory posited that human behavior is learned observationally through modeling: Self-regulation involves modeling doing what others do both live model and symbolic models and imitation us- 40 Aguiran, J.

Factors affecting grades of freshmen students

Therefore, SLT spans to both cognitive and behavioral frameworks by encompass- ing attention, memory and motivation. Hence, the central role of social learning is on behavioral interpretation of modeling.

Social Development Theory posited that the social interactions made by a student-learner precede development, consciousness and cognition.

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Hypothesizing that cognition and development is the end product of socialization and social behaviors, the theory posits the following tenets: Vygotsky felt social learning precedes development. The MKO refers to an- yone who has a better understanding or a higher ability level than the learner, with respect to a particular task, process, or concept.This is an in-depth study of the factors affecting the study habits on the academic performance of SHS Students of Davao Doctors College by cielskies in Browse > Career & Money > Time Management.

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Factors affecting grades of freshmen students

Kilgore College Broadway Kilgore, TX () barnweddingvt.com There are a lot of other things, both intrinsic and extrinsic, that can affect your grades, ability to learn, and ultimately your success in high school and college alike. While you might expect that factors like socioeconomic status and home life would play a role, other factors that contribute to your success are much more surprising.

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